Need to sell, or curious about numbers given current market conditions? Contact us and we can provide data and/or projections on what to expect in renting vs. selling your property. We have sold over 700 homes since 2003, and have the experience you'll need on your side.

If you are a resident who currently owns a home in another area, we can refer you to professionals in the area where your home is located. Many of our residents own homes in other states, and sometimes they decide it's a good time to sell. We'll get you in touch with the right professionals.

When we are managing your home, and you decide to sell, we can handle the entire process seamlessly for you. We know landlord tenant law, and we know the lease in place better than anyone. Using our services to sell your home always results in the smoothest transition possible for both you and the resident. Residents we place keep homes in great condition, and that results in a higher bottom line for the owner. We always try to hold onto great residents, and will try to get them into another home we manage prior to closing on the sale of the home.

If you list a rental home for sale with another Realtor, and it isn’t selling… they will point fingers at the tenants and/or the property manager. We have never failed to sell a home we managed and then listed for sale. In fact, of all the homes we have listed for sale since 2003, only 3% didn’t have success selling, and most of those were during winter months when the market is slow.