If you're considering buying a property, contact us for assistance. We have sold over 750 homes since 2003, and currently manage several of those homes.

Owners, we can help you find your next investment property. We like to manage great properties, so rest assured you are getting experienced advice on what to consider. We will not suggest buying a home we would not purchase ourselves.

Residents, if you are currently in a lease, buying a home will not void any lease regardless of what you are told. Contact us if you are considering buying a home. We can go through your lease, discuss things with the owner, and see what options might be available to you. If nearing the end of your lease, we may be able to make the transition much easier for you and the rental owner if using our services to buy a home. This can include covering professional cleaning costs and carpet cleaning at the end of your lease. It can also include covering your moving expenses or any vacancy period in which you would owe rent.