Military Owners

We understand what it's like being in the military while owning a home in another state or country. It's normal to be overwhelmed at first; once you contact us that will evolve into confidence. Kevin is former Air Force, his father served in the Army. Jessica's father, grandfather, and great grandfather served in various branches. Gil is currently in the Navy Reserves.

Most of our clients are active duty military. Some people bought their home with the plan on renting it out when they PCS. Others plan on retiring in the Colorado Springs area, and want to move back into their home one day. Having a rental property isn't always a plan, and sometimes it's the best solution . Whether you planned on your home being an investment property, or just need to turn your home into an investment property for a period of time... we understand and will work with you to accomplish your goals. Military owners appreciate the manner in which we handle all screening, placement, maintenance, upkeep, accounting and reporting for their properties.