Seasoned investor? Want to start investing in rental properties in the Colorado Springs area? We know how to crunch the numbers, all about CAP Rates, and how to find the best investments. Keep in mind the best investments aren't always the cheapest priced up front. When you're looking to buy and hold a property, there are many more factors that need to be considered. When you buy a property using our services, we will manage it for you at no cost for the first year. We already know it's a prime home for renting, our job will be easier. We also are very familiar with doing 1031 exchanges.

Did you just buy a rental property using a Realtor who does not manage rental properties? Just reading that probably made you cringe. Those are usually the most complicated and high cost properties we manage. Realtors don't necessarily know what makes a property a good investment property. The experience required isn't something they can learn in a 3 hour class. If you just bought a home, we may agree to manage it, but we turn down 75% of homes in this situation. We have no history on the home other than a generic property disclosure, and it was purchased based on the recommendations and/or suggestions of a Realtor who does not manage properties. Once we find the problems, and we almost always find very obvious ones, that Realtor will not accept accountability. Neither will the home inspector who is only liable up to the fee amount they charged you.

We rarely take Realtor referrals for rental properties that were just purchased. It obligates us to make the Realtor look great while we try to turn a mess into a profit for the owner. This may sound harsh, but it is reality. Many owners are counting on the income from these properties, and they're set up for failure from the beginning. We want owners to have success, and we will be honest if an investment is not a good one.